LED Billboards

Digital Billboards: Core Fields Of Application

LED Screens adopt a modular system. This flexibility makes them suitable for many utilizations.

But what are the main fields of application of Digital Billboards? There are four main uses:

LED Screens for Advertising

LED Billboard for Advertising

LED Billboards are bought and installed in high-traffic places by advertising agencies which resell the ad space to their Customers.

But why should they choose a LED Billboard instead of a classic static panel? For 2 main reasons:

  1. With a LED billboard you are able to upload videos from multiple advertisers, usually 20 or more
  2. To change the advertisements you just need an internet connection

Without the need for a crew which keeps installing and removing printed ads, the managing costs are significantly less and the ad agency can focus on the activity that actually brings in money – the sale of advertising space.


LED Screens for Sports

LED Screen for Sports

LED Screens are used in stadiums and arenas for two main reasons:

  1. To entertain the spectators by broadcasting the score, time and action close-ups
  2. To show ads from the sponsors of the event. Fascia boards are a typical example of this kind of application

The specific advantage in this situation, is that ads can be uploaded until the very last second before the match.

In fact, with old-school banners, advertising deals must be closed at least two weeks prior to the match, to allow enough time for printing and setup.

On the other hand, with LED screens, the media agency has extra time to sell the ad space and technically to modify the playlist even during the game.


Digital Billboards for Events

Digital Billboard

LED Screens in this case are bought by audio and video rental companies, that rent them out during TV programs, concerts, conventions and public events.

LED Billboards were invented for this purpose, since they are the only technology which lets you build screens of such large sizes and which can show ads that are visible even in daylight.

In this case a major advantage is the rapid assembling system of the equipment, that allows to assemble and disassemble the LED billboard in just a few hours, therefore reducing downtimes to the minimum.

Leading LED billboards producers compete not only in the quality of the image of their screens but also in the speed of their assembling systems.


Mobile LED Screens

Mobile Digital Billboards

In this case, digital billboards are installed on a truck or trailer that can move across the country to attend events or that can be parked to be transformed into a temporary advertising installation.

Due to their flexibility, Mobile Video Trucks represent a mix between advertising and events application.

The most advanced solutions consist of an automated truck, with stabilizers, a lifting system and a rotating system to orient the screen towards the spectators.

The proTruck from EuroDisplay, for example, is a Mobile Digital Billboard that can be setup by one person in only 15 minutes after its arrival on location.